Meet Our Team

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Shauna Tait

Shauna Tait


Shauna is committed to giving abandoned children the bright, healthy and happy future they truly deserve. Being a mother herself, Shauna dedicates her heart to help the innocent children of the world.

Read about Shauna's experience in Haiti »

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Terry Grave

Donor Relations Advisor

Terry Grave is a part time fundraising consultant to ACF from his experience in the direct mail industry.

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Patrice Wray

CFC Admin & Creative Production

Patrice is a part time consultant providing administrative services and creative design products to ACF

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Marcelina Velasco

East Asian Project & Gift- in-Kind Inspector

Marcelina Velasco is a friend of the charity and as a resident of Manila Philippines she volunteers her services to ACF providing coordination and inspection services for our Gift-in-Kind medical shipments to the Philippines.