What we do

Every year, tens of thousands of parents abandon one or more of their children.


Imagine having 9 children at home... and only enough food to keep 7 of them alive. Do you risk malnutrition and possibly disease or death for several of them? Or sacrifice 2 of the least likely to survive... to keep other children alive?

Stranded refugees are tempted to abandon a daughter outside the camp hoping a kind stranger will take care of her. Humnan traffikers will wait.

Sometimes war separates families or death tears a child from their home. Famine and disease have as a haunting consequence; children exposed to a ruthless, uncaring world.

A child is taken by mom to the nearest city (in the bus station or on a busy street corner). "I'll be right back" she promises. "With a bottle of water". She never returns.

Imagine the dawning realization of a 5 year-old child that momma isn't coming back. "Where is momma? Where am I?"

What can we do?

Choose today to partner with Abandoned Children's Fund CFC #30836 to extend the net of acceptance and love for Abandoned Children.

Feeding Programs

feeding orphan children

Starvation among abandoned children is rampant. Our first mission is to feed the children nutritious meals and provide them with clean water to drink.

Medical Care

vaccination and medical care for orphans

Abandoned children living in the streets often suffer from HIV, malaria, or other diseases like pneumonia. Many have their lives cut short due to the lack of medical care. Our medical volunteers are there to provide them the immediate care they need.

Shelters & Orphanages

abandoned children organization

Getting abandoned children off the streets is a priority. We provide shelters so that they have a safe place to sleep at night. Abandoned children as young as a two years old are often homelessness and there is great danger for them to stay in the streets. From human traffickers to weather conditions, these poor children need our help.

Education & Schools

abandoned children organization

From supporting schooling for former street children in Kenya to providing eduction to abandoned children in Mexico, we aim to introduce the children to an education. This is part of helping them come out of the terrible conditions they are in.