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One of the most efficient and cost effective ways to serve our international recipients is to participate in so called "Gift-in-Kind" initiatives. These programs are Government regulated and annually audited projects that involve procuring valuable resources such as food, medicine (which we prefer) and medical supplies directly from the manufacturer and then organizing an arrangement to pay the shipping, handling and legally supervised distribution costs of these donations to the underdeveloped world.

These are truly "win / win" arrangements as the pharmaceutical manufacturers are able to secure desirable tax benefits for donating surplus products and we are able to provide affordable, secure transportation and lawful distribution of these critically needed medicines to the poorest of the poor in third world nations suffering under-funded health care delivery systems.

Since 2009, Abandoned Children's Fund has been able to secure the donation and distribution of more than $30,000,000 (wholesale value) of medicine, shoes, food and medical supplies to the Philippines, Guatemala, Honduras, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Benin and Haiti. In 2012, alone we were able to accept and ship more than $10,000,000 in medicine and medical supplies. In 2013, we were able to increase that donation amount by nearly 20% while also shipping more than 1,000,000 donated meals to the destitute women and children stranded in the Buduburam Refugee camp in Ghana, West Africa.

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