Abandoned Children's Fund

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Across the globe

Every year, tens of thousands of parents abandon one or more of their children.

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Abandoned Children

Caring for them is our mission

We have delivered more than $6,600,000 in aid to needy children in ten countries.

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We are proud recipient of the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence.

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What We Do

Our volunteers and support teams travel where the need is greater. We currently server children in ten countries: Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Uganda, Philippines, and Ehtiopia. There are over 20 million homeless or abandoned children in the world today. This is not only heart breaking... it is unacceptable! A majority of them are orphans.

Some of them have been traumatized by witnessing the ruthless murder of their parents or by helplessly watching them die of AIDS or starvation. Alone, with no one to raise them, abandoned children must resort to eating any scraps available and wandering the streets. Emotionally and physically scarred, the future for these orphans is a bleak reminder of lost hope.

Our Volunteers and Support Team

If you are interested in joining our wonderful group of volunteers, please contact us directly.

Shauna Tait - acf team member

Shauna Tait


Shauna is committed to giving abandoned children the bright, healthy and happy future they truly deserve. Being a mother herself, Shauna dedicates her heart to help the innocent children of the world.

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Terry Grave - acf team member

Terry Grave

Donor Relations Advisor

Terry Grave is a part time fundraising consultant to ACF from his experience in the direct mail industry.

Patrice Wray - acf team member

Patrice Wray

CFC Admin & Creative Production

Patrice is a part time consultant providing administrative services and creative design products to ACF

Marcelina Velasco - acf team member

Marcelina Velasco

East Asian Project & Gift- in-Kind Inspector

Marcelina Velasco is a friend of the charity and as a resident of Manila Philippines she volunteers her services to ACF providing coordination and inspection services for our Gift-in-Kind medical shipments to the Philippines.