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The Situation in Mexico
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Saving Abandoned Children of Mexico
The Situation in Mexico


Soaring unemployment, the well-publicized escalation in violent gang and drug related turf battles, poverty has deepened in many parts of Mexico. Hundreds of thousands of abandoned children wander the streets alone, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. It is speculated there may be as many as two million Mexican children orphaned or abandoned in Mexico.

In Juarez Cuidad alone for example, where the social and family situation has rapidly deteriorated under the strain (leaving many abandoned children severely at risk) many families, churches and whole neighborhoods have fled either north or into rural areas for security. This is where we have partnered with those offering the solution, strengthening what remains.

Our partners in Juarez have operated a Children's Home for 50 years. Some of the directors of the Children's Home were either directly involved in the founding of the home or were literally born and raised in the home and embody the commitment to long-term care for abandoned children.

Three examples of children who found themselves residents in the Children’s Home

Joselyn was found when she was 4 years old wandering barefooted and naked in the desolate mountains outside Juarez. Hungry, freezing and suffering from pneumonia and the brutality of sexual abuse, it was a miracle she lived through the shock of her ordeal. Joselyn was welcomed into the embrace of love and care and eventually was restored to a joyful childhood with acceptance, friends and all the benefits of family and friends.

Rolando also came to the Children’s Home, the victim of repeated sexual abuse. After years of tender loving care Rolando is a robust teenager who has left his past behind him and excels in his studies and dreams of becoming a doctor so he can be trained to help others who suffer.

Itzayana was 12 years old when she came to the Home, the oldest of six fatherless brothers and sisters; they all lived in a house made of random pieces of cut cardboard. Going sometimes weeks without a shower for weeks and had been forced to assume responsibility for her siblings while her mother worked to put a few scraps of food on the table. Enduring the tears of her brothers and sisters, Itzayana worried helplessly under the burden too big for her to carry.  Today she and all her five siblings live in the Children’s Home enjoying healthy food, education and the joys of a natural childhood.  



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