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The Situation in Uganda
Abandoned Children in Uganda
The ACF Girl’s Home in Kampala. Similar to the home Caleb was brought into as a young child himself!
Feeding the Abandoned Children of Uganda
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Uganda has been poised (some argue stalled) at a crossroad for a decade where choices that will affect the future of her prosperity and the realization of a leap forward into economic development, and a fully free and modern state, weigh in the balance. Burdened by repeated challenges with entrenched, petty government corruption, a weak foundation in the Rule of Law, a lack of transparency and the diminishing fallout from a catastrophic AIDS epidemic that caused immense human suffering -, Uganda cries out for an emergence from the past.

The sorrowful harvest of the AID’s (and other health calamities) epidemic alone resulted in hundreds of thousands of young orphaned boys and girls abandoned to the hungry wilderness of rural villages and the terrifying urban streets of the capital Kampala. One half million children were left to fend not only for their own lives but often to care for younger siblings as well. Media attention has recently reported stories about the hunt for the fugitive leader of the terrorist Joseph Kony in the north of Uganda and his army of kidnapped “child warriors” who drove whole populations into displacement camps.

Our primary partner in Uganda is a former orphaned street child himself, who by the Grace of God, was rescued from the un-caring streets of Kampala’s shanty town as a young man to become a champion of Uganda’s street children. After being rescued and receiving a university education he and his wife have committed themselves to the plight of these vulnerable child victims, built a refuge for them staffed by young families willing to provide care, love, and a family environment for these rescued former children.

Included in the vision that your donations have made possible has been the purchase of farm land and building a rural "out of town" residential home where these children can be safely cared for, attend school, receive medical and nutritional resources and learn to take responsibility for supplementing and sustaining their own diet by growing some of their own food in vegetable gardens. A nearby property has been secured to relocate homeless, single women who were left to raise their young children in the slums of Kampala without any assistance. Even the Uganda government authorities are becoming aware of the miracle of these children's lives being healed by love, food, medicine and inclusion in a caring family, and have begun to direct some of the worse-case situations that even they can’t fathom to this truly humanitarian program.



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