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Experiencing Haiti as a Volunteer

Our partner Rescue Clinic has been one of the most touching partners for me personally. The need is so real and to be up close and personal with the children, has further solidified my passion for helping in any way I’m able. ACF has helped provide over $80,000 in funds since we partnered with them in 2010.

The clinic is run by Lori, Licia and Casey, three siblings who all contribute to keeping their parents dream alive with the help of each of their partners and children. In 1994 the family began serving as missionaries in Haiti. The family began the vital rescue clinic in 2006. Both parents have since stepped back but their legacy continues to live through their hardworking children. They continue to give their hearts to help the men, women and children in the most rural areas in Haiti.

haiti childrenThe mission to get to facility was an experience in itself. There is no other way to get to the clinic but a steep gravel road. It was a struggle for our 13 passenger van. The road was deserted besides the occasional taxi transporting multiple people, including a family of four, on a two seater motorcycle. Once we arrived to the clinic I was instantly drawn to the babies playing with toys on the concrete floor outside. Most of the kids had a visible deformity or were suffering from malnourishment.

We had a tour of the “pharmacy”, a closet like space with shelving and plastic tubs. There was a woman divvying doses and putting the pills into ziploc baggies to distribute to patients.  

The clinic may see up to 250 patients a day. Each patient is given a paper with a number written on it to keep and use as a member ID number in the future. There was a line of patients out the door and a large covered area outside with the overflow of patients waiting to be seen. The fee for a visit is $1.00. There are many families not able to make the small payment, in which case, the fee is waived.

One of the angels I had the pleasure of meeting was this beautiful little girl, Mackline. She has been at the clinic for several weeks suffering from severe malnutrition. Her mother comes to visit when she can. Like many parents, her mother cannot make the grueling trek  every day to the clinic for the treatment her daughter needs to survive. In most cases the children must stay at the clinic until they are healthy enough to return home. Hopefully Mackline will be able to return home soon, thanks to the Madika Mamba Program she is gaining weight and building up her strength.

Licia brought tears to our eyes as she spoke of the miracles they have been blessed with throughout the years. She tearfully shared a time they had only two cans of infant formula on the shelf and didn’t know how they were going to feed all of the babies they were now responsible for. They woke in the morning to a truckload of formula and other lifesaving goods. There were many similar stories of positive blessings coming their way when they have been needed most. Times when the shelves were empty and stress was high and somehow the shelves were restocked in the morning. She is a true believer in God and lives to serve him by doing his wonderful work for the innocent and abandoned children.

Written by Shauna

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