Anena Nancy


Anena Nancy

Anena Nancy is 14 years old, the third born of five children. She comes from Pader district in northern Uganda. This region is know for Joseph Kony - the Lord's Resistance Army rebel leader and his kidnapped "child warriors," who have terrorized that region of Africa since 1986. Almost everyone in the region was forced to live in refugee camps.

Anena Nancy became an orphan when Joseph Kony killed both of her parents. After her parents' death, her aunt (a single mother with 5 children of her own) took her and her siblings with her into the Internally Displace People's camp. In total their family had 13 members living in a small grass thatched hut. "We hardly had enough to eat, and because of the rebels we could not go to the gardens to grow our food."

"Because of the awful poverty and living conditions we were facing, my auntie wanted to marry me off at the age of 13 to an old man. I didn't want to get married so I ran away from home and ended up on the streets of Gulu town, and one day, I met a man named Caleb Rukundo, who operates a home for children, visiting this area and he asked me why I was on the streets and I shared with him everything.

"Uncle Caleb, as I call him now, brought me off the streets to a safe home where there are other children. I am happy that I now have a family and friends and I am no longer worried that I am going to get married off. I have been here for one year and I now have enough to eat. I also have time to play with other children. I will go back home when I grow up."

Abandoned Children's Fund Project Partner, Caleb Rukundo tells us Nancy is now going to school at Lwadda Primary School. She is in Primary Four. She is the assistant head girl prefect. (Leader). She wants to become a nurse so she can treat people.