Planned Giving


Ways to Create Your long lasting Legacy of Love.

Bequests - A provision in your will or estate plan that designates all or part of your estate to Abandoned Children’s Fund.

Charitable Gift Annuity - “A simple contract between you and Abandoned Children’s Fund. You make a gift of assets like stock or property now and receive an immediate income tax benefit. Through an annuity, you and/or a beneficiary of your choice will receive regular payments for life. Upon the passing of beneficiaries, the assets will then transfer to Abandoned Children’s Fund, which in turn will help the children and establish your Legacy!

Charitable Remainder Trust - You establish an irrevocable trust by transferring money, securities or other assets to a trust that will pay you (and/or another beneficiary of your choice) an income for life or for a fixed period of years. Upon the passing of the beneficiaries, the remaining principal amount in the trust goes to Abandoned Children’s Fund to help create your Legacy!

Charitable Lead Trust - Individuals with large estates can use a Charitable Lead Trust. The trust makes fixed annual payments to Abandoned Children’s Fund for a specified term of years. At the end of the term, the principal reverts back to your family members with little or no tax penalty.

Life Insurance - An arrangement in which you purchase, or change an existing policy, to name Abandoned Children’s Fund as the beneficiary of that  life insurance policy.  The cash value of that gift is tax deductible; as are any future premiums you may opt to pay on that policy. Only paid-in-full life insurance policies qualify as planned gifts.

Life Estate - A provision in which you transfer legal ownership of your home to Abandoned Children’s Fund while retaining the right to live there for life. You receive immediate income tax benefits.

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